Meet the makers behind the masks

Exceptional designers rely on an outstanding team for support. Our team is a shining constellation of gifted artists, skilled crafters, and visionary business leaders. Through collaborative efforts, we consistently deliver masks of extraordinary quality.

Shannon Morgan

Owner and Designer

Artist bio

In the heart of a family of talented artists, my journey as an artist began with the guiding hand of my grandmother, who nurtured my love for painting at an early age. As a preteen, my mother's watchful eye honed my drawing skills, shaping my artistic foundation.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for art, I pursued a degree in anthropology, expanding my horizons while continuing to explore the boundless realm of artistic expression. During my college years, I embraced various mediums and methods, unlocking new avenues for creative exploration.

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History provided a pivotal internship experience, igniting my passion for exploring the intersection of art and culture. Post-graduation, I immersed myself in an artistic multimedia ethnography project for the UCSC Anthropology department, while simultaneously managing production for a bridal jewelry company. It was during this time that my artistic journey took an unexpected turn.

Inspired by my lifelong love for Renaissance Faires, I began crafting intricate leather masks, drawing upon my artistic background and my deep connection to the magical world of fairies. The overwhelming response to my masks at Renaissance Faires across the country solidified my decision to dedicate my time and resources to this unique art form.

For the past ten years, I have dedicated myself to refining my craft and pushing the boundaries of leather mask-making. Each mask tells a story, imbued with a sense of enchantment and wonder. I have experimented with new techniques, styles, and materials, constantly evolving and adapting my creative process.

Relocating to Wisconsin in 2022, I joined the vibrant House of Rad art community in Milwaukee, where I now have one of my art workshops. This move reignited my passion for traditional visual art, leading to the creation of a captivating series of oil portrait paintings featuring my masks.

My artistic journey has been a blend of exploration, experimentation, and deep-rooted passion. It is a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries, inspire the imagination, and bring joy to others.

The Makers

Sara Joyce

Sara stands out as an exceptional painter. Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering patience elevate her work to the highest level, making her the epitome of excellence in her craft.

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Emily Paulsen

Emily, our skilled laser technician, meticulously scrutinizes every new file design, expertly determining the optimal cutting approach for each imaginative creation.

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Brandon Smith

 Brandon uses a combination of laser cutting and meticulous hand cutting, precise riveting, and skillful wet-forming to give shape and detail to the masks. Occasionally he contributes to the art of painting.

The Sales Masters


Loki is our top national sales manager at festivals and faires. Customers feel at ease trying on various mask designs with her aid thanks to her upbeat and cheerful demeanor, which creates a friendly atmosphere. This enables them to find the ideal mask for their needs.


Vatra is our top national sales associate, currently in training under Loki to become a manager. She enlivens the shop with her radiant personality and colorful costumes.


Quill is our newest regional manager. He will be heading the shop at the Bristol Renaissance Faire this summer.

Sales Assistants

Austin Lange

Austin works part-time as a sales associate at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. In addition to providing support to teammates, he participates in preparing the shop for the sales season. Occasionally, he provides extra support and assistance in the mask workshop.

Nathan Goettsch

Although Nathan is a newcomer to our team, his demeanor in the shop would suggest otherwise. He is exceedingly accommodating and helpful, and we are grateful to have him.

John Bobroskie

With his radiant smile, John has the ability to uplift the atmosphere and make everything flow more smoothly. His positive and cheerful personality is contagious, and his presence positively impacts both the store setup and sales processes.