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Laser-cut, hand-shaped, and hand-dyed elegant leather masquerade accessories made in California. Follow my work on IG @MischiefMasks

Merry Mischief Holiday Shopping Mask Show

2pm PST. Watch me LIVE on Instagram @mischiefmasks

Tuesday, Dec 8 at 2pm PST
~Black Masks

Wednesday, Dec 9 at 2pm PST
~Black Masks

Thursday, Dec 10 at 2pm PST
~Green Masks

Friday, Dec 11 at 2pm PST       
~Gold Masks

Saturday, Dec 12 at 2pm PST
~Bone Masks

Sunday, Dec 13 at 2pm PST
~Galaxy, Rainbow, Unicorn Colored Masks

Monday, Dec 14 at 2pm PST
~Pink Masks

Tuesday, Dec 15 at 2pm PST 
~Brown Masks

Wednesday, Dec 16 at 2pm PST
~Yellow Masks

Thursday, Dec 17 at 2pm PST
~Misc Masks

Get FREE SHIPPING when you order a mask from the show. Other special discounts will be offered during the show. DM on IG, or email mischiefmasks@gmail.com to purchase a mask from the show. 

At the end of the show I will give you a preview of the mask that will go up for auction on Instagram later that day. Place bids on the auction by commenting your bid price on the auction post.