Where are you based?
    • I make all of my items in my studio in Central California. I have a small team of talented artists who help me cut, shape, and dye the items. 
I want to try something on before I buy it. How do I do that?
  • The only way to do so is to visit one of my shops at a Renaissance Faire, Music Festival, or Dickens Fair. Due to COVID-19 the shows are limited. You can find a list of our current shows at the bottom of the home page.
How do I order a custom color?
  • If the color(s) you want are not listed please choose custom and put a note in during checkout. To order multiple colors please choose custom and write a note with your color choices during checkout. I can match fabric too. If you need a color match, tell me during checkout and send me an email at with a few pictures of the fabric in different lighting. 
  • To order multiple colors (ex Red fading to Black) choose custom and put in a note during checkout. 
    How long will it take to get my *Made-to-Order item?
    • I should be able to make and ship most pieces within a week. I've been working to build up my stockpile of pieces already cut. So, usually I can shape within a day of the order, dye within a day after that, seal it the day after that, and package it the following day. Some items may ship faster. My workshop is full of pieces in various stages of production. For super complex pieces, or if I am waiting on supplies and I expect production to take longer than a week I will contact you to let you know the eta. 
    What if I can't find what I want?
    • Not finding exactly what you want? I do custom work as well. Email
    What are they made of?
    • I use 6-8oz vegetable tanned leather, Eco-flo Waterstain dye, acrylic paint, and an acrylic sealant.
    How do I take care of my item?
    • Leather is very sturdy so as long as you do not subject your piece to anything extreme it will last for a very long time. 
      • Not for swimming. As temping as it may be, please refrain from submerging any of the leather pieces in water. They are sealed on the outside so RAIN IS OK :), but if you get it soaking wet you will need to make sure it stays on a form (your face, your body, etc) until it is fully dry otherwise it will completely lose shape. 
    • White leather is extremely difficult to keep clean, even for clean freaks. I will happily touch up your white pieces in the future. Send me a message at to arrange for a touch up. 
    • There are many products made to nourish leather. Any of them will be fine as long as they do not have any type of dye. I recommend Saddle Soap. You can find it online. 
    • Gently wash with wash cloth to remove dirt and makeup grime.
    • DO NOT SMOOSH. The easiest way to ruin your piece is to repeatedly shove it in a bag with a bunch of other items or accidentally set it on something. If you do misshape your item, I can take a look to see if it can be revitalized. Email me at
      Do you have any vegan options?
      • Not at this time. I've been searching for an alternative material that will behave in the same manner. I've tried getting a hold of mushroom leather and pineapple leather, but the cost and availability is astronomical. 

           How do I find a mask to match my armor ensemble?

          • Many of my current mask designs work well with any of the armor pieces. I suggest using the Filigree tag when searching through masks. I am working on special pieces designed specifically to match the armor. Stay tuned for updates. 



            • Returns are assessed on an individual basis. Email me at



            Still have questions? Email me at, or message me on IG.