Mystery Accessory Bag

Mystery Accessory Bag

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When I was growing up there was a local store that sold mystery bags every December. I would wait with anticipation all year for the joy of opening up that bag on Christmas morning. I could usually predict what gifts I’d receive from my family (socks, q-tips, sweaters, maybe some art supplies), but I never knew what would be in that mystery bag! I decided to continue that tradition with my Mystery Bags.

You will receive one item. It could be a leather mini mask ornament, a set of leather ears or horns, or a leather eyepatch. I have dozens of styles of each item, so it will truly be a surprise! You may even receive one of the rare, limited edition items. 

So grab onto that joy of the unknown! I also have Mystery Mask Bags available.


And yes...I still get Q-tips and socks for Christmas every year, and I love it 😁🤣.