Aphrodite Bracelet
Aphrodite Bracelet

Aphrodite Bracelet

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When I set out to name my pieces I search for the title that best represents the feeling and intention behind the piece. My pieces are not gender specific and finding an asexual name with the power of the concept is nearly impossible. So, I've decided that names, like genders, are fluid. Aphrodite represents love, passion, strength, grace, and might. Channel your warrior spirit of Aphrodite, the ultimate fighter for unity and compassion, when you don this armor of love.

Made from 6-8 oz vegetable tanned leather and sealed with an acrylic sealant. Features a suede cord tie closure, so it will fit any wrist.

*Made to Order. I will be making a brand new piece for you after you order.  My work is laser cut, hand shaped, and hand dyed. I will do my best to match the item pictured. There may be some slight differences due to the handmade nature. 

If the color(s) you want are not listed please choose custom and put a note in during checkout. I can match fabric too. So, if you need a color match tell me during checkout and send me an email at mischiefmasks@gmail.com with a few pictures of the fabric in different lighting.

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